Dec 2, 2017

Translation English Name to Japanese and Tracing Katakana Name

A web site of "Hand-Tracing Practice for Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana” is useful for autonomous Kanji learning. Also the site has two functions of translation English name to Japanese Katakana and hand-writing Japanese character recognition. Please access the following URL.

Procedure for Autonomous Kanji Learning
1st: Click the first item and edit your English name.
2nd: Click a button of "go to Hand-Tracing", then your English name is automatically translated to Japanese Katakana.
     For an example, "私はJohnです。" to "私はジョンです。".
3rd: Click again a button of "go to Hand-Tracing" for tracing in the order. You can trace your Japanese name on your smart phone.

Please access Color Rules for stroke errors in hand-writing recognition.

Translation English Name to Japanese and Tracing Katakana Name
1. Click a first item of "私はJohnです。" .

2. Edit to your name, and click  a button of "go to Hand-Tracing".
3. Click a button of "go to Hand-Tracing", and automatically translated to "私はジョンです。".
4. Trace for "私", and click a button of "Next".
5. Trace for "は", and click"Next".
6. Trace for "ジ", and click "Next".
7. Trace at lower half part for "ャュョッゃゅょっ", and click "Next".
8. Trace for "ン", and click "Next".
9. Trace for "で", and click "Next".

10. Trace for "す", and click "Next".
11. Trace a circle for "。", and click "Next".
12. Repeat above 4th to 11th.

Jun 10, 2014

Kanji Learning at Living Room with Family Using Tabcast

"Tabcast" is a useful tool for screen mirroring of tab browser using Chromecast.

If learners use the "tabcast" at living room with family or at class room with friends, they can effectively lean  kanji stroke orders, directions and so on from many advices.

The following table shows merits and demerits for screen mirroring using Chromecast, Miracast and Airplay.
"Tabcast" is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Tab, VideoOKOKNG
Tab, VideoOKNGOK
                    OK*: update on July 10, 2014

How to setup for tabcast of PC and Mac
  1. Download Chrome browser
  2. Download extension for Chromecast
  3. Click a blue icon on the tab window for connecting.

(a) An example of a blue icon for Chromecast.

(b) An example of screen mirroring for VGA display and MacBook Air.

(c) An example of cables for Chromecast, VGA adapter and so on.

Caution: "Tabcast" is 720p (1280×720) and "Chromecast" is 1080p (1920×1080) from directly.

Mar 2, 2014

Stroke Error Detection in Kanji Handwriting for Autonomous Learning

Stroke error detection in handwriting is useful to notice for your autonomous Kanji learning.

Please access a free site of web-based handwriting recognition engine ( since Mar. 1, 2014.
  • Color Rules for Stroke Error

  • Examples of Stroke Error Detection

Jul 18, 2013

Free Japanese Educational Fonts on PC and Mac

Japanese educational fonts are suitable for Japanese language learning such as hiragana hand-tracing  and hiragana matching quiz.

If you have MS Office on Japanese OS,  you can use bundled educational fonts. Please read a page of kanji font.
You can download free Japanese educational fonts on PC and Mac for personal from a site of trial use since June, 2013. But you must buy in a case of group use in your class room from the site. The cost of the font is about 18,900 yen.

(A) Examples of use Japanese educational fonts.

(a) An example of free educational fonts 
MS Word
(c) An example of educational hiragana table
(d) An example of hiragana matching quizz

Drag right items to left items for PC or Mac.

(B) How to install free Japanese educational fonts.
  1. Register your e-mail address for download
  2. Submit your e-mail address for registration
  3. Download from the font site 
  4. Check kanji list such as 1365 letters (小学校教育漢字)

  5. Install fonts for Windows
  6. Check fonts for Windows
  7. Install fonts for Mac OS
  8. Check font book for Mac OS
(2) Set your e-mail address for registration


(3) Download of fonts after registration
(4) Check fonts

欧文(65字) ,-.
、。,.・:;?!゛゜´`¨^ ̄_ヽヾゝゞ〃仝々〆〇ー—‐/\〜‖|…‥''""()〔〕[]{}
(5) Install fonts for Windows
(6) Check fonts for Windows after installation

(7) Install fonts for Mac
(8) Check fonts for Mac after installation



Jun 25, 2013

Web-based Hand-tracing Practice by Your Favorite Order

Hand-tracing practice for kanji, hiragana and katakana by your favorite order

1. Go to hand-tracing page.
2. Paste your tracing text by favorite order.
3. Click a "Go to Hand-Tracing" button.
4. After hand-tracing, click a "Next" button.

Please latest browsers such as IE9, IE10, Safari6, Chrome27, Firefox21, or Opera12 for HTML5.
Please setup Educational Fonts for PC or Mac

For teachers:
Please directly link to this page by the following style on your web pages.
<a  href="日月時分曜">日月時分曜</a>
Your students can get hand-tracing scores after login.

Mar 5, 2013

Kanji Hand Tracing Practice: 謹賀新年

How to Practice Kanji Hand Tracing
  1. Input Kanji to Trace at Text Box.
  2. Click a Search Button.
  3. Click a Kanji Link for Hand Tracing.
  4. Trace on a Tablet for Kanji Hand Recognition.
Kanji Hand Tracing for "謹賀新年"
Hand Tracing for ""
Hand Tracing for ""
Hand Tracing for ""
Hand Tracing for ""

Sep 1, 2012

Radical Tracing: Cliff, Tare, 厂

Click the following links for radical tracing (部首なぞりがき):
Cliff or Tare(たれ)⿸: 广
(cliff, gan dare, がん だれ)
HP: 2 strokes
(dotted cliff, ma dare, まだれ)
SHP: 3 strokes
(sick, yamai dare, やまい だれ)
SHPNT: 5 strokes
(flag, shikabane dare, しかばね だれ)
FHP: 3 strokes
(door, to dare, と だれ)
HFHP: 4 strokes

Aug 26, 2012

底: Kanji Analysis, Synthesis and Tracing

Kanji analysis, synthesis and tracing for radical "dotted cliff".
(bottom, テイ、そこ) = 广(dotted cliff, ma dare) + (family name, シ,うじ) + (one,イチ,ひと)

⿸: radical cliff: 厂(cliff, gan dare, がん だれ), 尸(flag, shikabane dare, しかばね だれ), 广(dotted cliff, ma dare, まだれ),戸(door, to dare, と だれ),  疒(sick, yamai dare, やまい だれ)

广(ma dare): 麻庁座広庭応床庄底序店度

Also please access the page of stroke order for "氏" and "Kanji Analysis and Synthesis" in this blog.

Please trace the following kanji and check the stroke order.
: S H P + P V H N + H (8 strokes)

I found an interesting movie for kanji learning "底" which is "A Saxophonist Plays (TEI soko)" by JonasBonus80. If you once listen a song such as "TEI, TEI, soko, TEI, and TEI" in the movie, you don't forget this kanji. Please try to learn "底".

If you know interesting movies for kanji learning, please tell me.