Jun 25, 2013

Web-based Hand-tracing Practice by Your Favorite Order

Hand-tracing practice for kanji, hiragana and katakana by your favorite order

1. Go to hand-tracing page.
2. Paste your tracing text by favorite order.
3. Click a "Go to Hand-Tracing" button.
4. After hand-tracing, click a "Next" button.

Please latest browsers such as IE9, IE10, Safari6, Chrome27, Firefox21, or Opera12 for HTML5.
Please setup Educational Fonts for PC or Mac

For teachers:
Please directly link to this page by the following style on your web pages.
<a  href="https://www.icampusj.net/u/tracing.jsp?k=日月時分曜">日月時分曜</a>
Your students can get hand-tracing scores after login.

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