Aug 26, 2012

底: Kanji Analysis, Synthesis and Tracing

Kanji analysis, synthesis and tracing for radical "dotted cliff".
(bottom, テイ、そこ) = 广(dotted cliff, ma dare) + (family name, シ,うじ) + (one,イチ,ひと)

⿸: radical cliff: 厂(cliff, gan dare, がん だれ), 尸(flag, shikabane dare, しかばね だれ), 广(dotted cliff, ma dare, まだれ),戸(door, to dare, と だれ),  疒(sick, yamai dare, やまい だれ)

广(ma dare): 麻庁座広庭応床庄底序店度

Also please access the page of stroke order for "氏" and "Kanji Analysis and Synthesis" in this blog.

Please trace the following kanji and check the stroke order.
: S H P + P V H N + H (8 strokes)

I found an interesting movie for kanji learning "底" which is "A Saxophonist Plays (TEI soko)" by JonasBonus80. If you once listen a song such as "TEI, TEI, soko, TEI, and TEI" in the movie, you don't forget this kanji. Please try to learn "底".

If you know interesting movies for kanji learning, please tell me.