Jul 29, 2012

Google Search Using Handwriting Japanese Input

You can easily search using handwriting Japanese input for smart phone such as Android, iPhone or iPad since July 27, 2012.

Please access the details of "Make your mark on Google with Handwrite for Mobile and Tablet Search".

The following is an example of easy setup for IPhone.

An example of Google Search "日本"
(1) Click on "Settings"

(2) Enable of "Handwrite"

(3)  Add another language to Japanese

(4) Click "g" button
(5) Search a word using handwriting

If you use PC, please access this link.


Jul 7, 2012

Kanji Learning Using Podcast of Kanji Animation

Podcast such as "Kanji Anime:アニメで漢字学習" is useful for kanji learning.


You can download a free iPhone native application for kanji learning from apple store since June 26, 2012.

The following is one of usage for "Kanji Animation".

(1) Download

(2) Search Podcast such as "Kanji Anime"

(3) Select "Kanji Anime"

(4) Download podcast

(5) After Download

(6) View List

(7) View Podcast "曜"
(8) View Information "曜"
(Kanji Mearning, Reading)