Jun 10, 2011

Permitted and Inhibited Directions in Kanji Basic Strokes

CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) strokes are usually consisted of 8 basic strokes and 29 other complex strokes, so total no. of strokes is 37. Refer wikibooks site of "Simplified Chinese Writing Strokes".

But parts of hook are always shorter than main strokes, so the hooks could be omitted in case of web-based Kanji recognition as shown in the following figures. Moreover, Japanese Kanji strokes for handwriting recognition are simplified and reduced to 5 basic strokes and 10 other complex strokes, so total no. is 15. The details of complex are described in later blog.

5 directions of basic strokes of "NE, E, SE, S and SW" are permitted for Kanji handwriting recognition. But the other 3 directions of "W, NW and N" are inhibited as the following figure. The directions of "NE, E, SE, S and SW" are named as "T, H, N, S and P" for Kanji dictionary, respectively.

NPress downみぎはらい
SshùVertical (South)たて
Ppiě Throw awayひだりはらい

For examples, Kanji handwriting recognition such as "小,九" does not demand hook's input for accuracy. The inhibited directions of basic strokes are important knowledge for Kanji learning.

Permitted and Inhibited Directions in Kanji 小

Permitted and Inhibited Directions in Kanji 九

Jun 5, 2011

How to Setup Japanese Educational Font for IE9?

Educational font is suitable for Japanese learning than Ming font  such as Hiragana and Kanji examples of "き,さ,な,ふ,ら,八,人,入".  If you already installed MS Office, you can easily setup educational font  for your web browsing using PC.

きさなふら八人入: 教科書体

Please setup the following procedures for IE9 educational font.
  1. Tools (ツール)
  2. Internet Options (インターネットオプション)
  3. General (全般)
  4. Fonts (フォント)
  5. Language Script : Japanese (日本語)
  6. Webpage Font : HG Educational Text Font (HG教科書体)
  7. OK
An example of the details are as follow. 

setup for educational font for IE9: 教科書体フォント設定

Click to view larger image.

Try to access for Hiragana educational fonts (教科書体ひらがなフォント).