Apr 28, 2011

Useful Browsers for Japanese Kanji Learning

(1)If you get the following message for kanji hand writing, please use latest browsers such as IE9, Safari, Chrome and FireFox for HTML5.

(2)You can download IE9 for Japanese version from "http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/home" since Apr. 26, 2011.

(3)Setup User-agent for IE Version 9.

Select F12 Developer Tools for User-agent Switcher

Set Browser Mode for IE9Set Document Mode for IE9

(4)Associated Kanji Learning and Kanji Matching Quizzes Using IE9

Reading and Meaning Matching Quizz

(5)Kanji Practice for Tracing and Free Writing Using IE9

Error Hand-Tracing for 女 Hand-Writing for 男

(6) Katakana Hand Writing Practice Using IE9

Katakana Table Error Hand-Tracing for ヤ

(7) Hiragana Hand Writing Practice Using IE9

Hand-Tracing for さ  Hand-Writing for お

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